The Sunday Funnies

The Sunday Funnies

by Elizabeth Thompson

Kids hook their moms up to lie detectors and ask them questions about sex and drugs. The "....and coke" mom is our favorite. [TastefullyOffensive]

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<br/><br/>Nicklegraph. [<a href="">FYouNoFMe</a>]

<br/><br/>Divine. [<a href="">Mlkshk</a>]<br/><br/>Unfortunate. [<a href="">AfternoonSnoozeButton</a>]<br/><br/>

<br/>In case you missed it, here's Tina Fey stripping down to her Spanx as a special send-off for David Letterman.<br/> Where is the lie? [<a href="">FYouNoFMe]</a><br/><br/>The Guardian's politics page has been so dark lately. [<a href="">LaughterKey</a>]<br/><br/>

<br/>The narrator of this video comes close to ruining the whole thing, but here's a delightful clip of a male orangutan who is now a surrogate mom to some tiger cubs.<br/> <br/>An Ultron never tells! [<a href="">AfternoonSnoozeButton</a>]<br/><br/>Mom game strong. [<a href="">Mlkshk</a>]<br/><br/>And Kathie Lee was never the same. [<a href="">TheClearlyDope</a>]<br/><br/>When Ophelia is being a total b. [<a href="">Mlkshk</a>]<br/></div><div><br/>Happy Mother's Day! [<a href="">AfternoonSnoozeButton</a>]<br/></div>

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