The Sunday Funnies
Internet Culture

The Sunday Funnies

by Elizabeth Thompson

<br/>A friendly seal cuddles up to a yellow lab on the beach and it's the best. [<a href="">TastefullyOffensive</a>]<br/><br/> <br/>Silently correcting your grammar, thinking "how the fuck are you a person?" since 1928. [<a href="">RatsOff</a>]<br/><br/>

<br/>Crucial video of a baby goat dressed as an old woman, reading a book. [<a href="">TastefullyOffensive</a>]<br/> <br/><a href=""></a>Gorgeous. [<a href="">FYouNoFMe</a>]<br/></div><br/><br/>It's Valencia. [<a href="">RatsOff</a>]<br/><br/>Us last night. [<a href="">RatsOff]</a><br/></div><div><br/></div>

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