The Submarines' "Love Notes/Letter Bombs" Tour Diary, Part II

John Dragonetti
Husband and wife-duo The Submarines make bright, honest pop music about the ups and downs of, well, being married. We fell in love with the Southern-California duo at SXSW this year and the pair are currently touring in support of their new album Love Notes / Letter Bombs. Here, in the second installment of their tour diary, Submarine John Dragonetti tells us about their Rebecca Black obsession and a week of awesome shows.

Somehow Rebecca Black has entered the psyche of all in the van. I'm not sure who started this.... Scott (our dear comrade and bass player), was it you?  

"Friday's" aside, we've had a great week of shows. It's also been a real treat hearing Nik Freitas every night before we play. Such good songs! You'll have to keep an ear out for his new record this summer. The drives have been long but fun. In our slick black sprinter, we've managed to keep ourselves entertained with Nik's tales from past adventures on the road, various word games and crazy-ass right-wing talk radio. Outside, the scenery from San Francisco to Portland is sweet -- even if the beautiful Mt. Shasta still conjures up the 70s soft drink commercials I saw as a kid.  

In Portland we hung with our pal and artist, Cole Gerst, who did the Honeysuckle Weeks artwork and "YMB" video. We also hit the Revival Drum Shop, an amazing vintage drum store in the north east part of the city, and I almost got a haircut at Earl's Barber Shop.  Wished we had had more down time in Seattle and Vancouver. The show in Seattle was awesome, and the Biltmore in B.C. is always a great time. Border crossing... always a pain in the ass.   Until next week...  Saludos! -John

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