The Submarines' Love Notes/Letter Bombs Tour Diary, Part I

Blake Hazard
Husband and wife-duo The Submarines make bright, honest pop music about the ups and downs of, well, being married. We fell in love with the Southern-California duo at SXSW this year and the pair are currently touring in support of their new album Love Notes / Letter Bombs. Here, Submarine Blake Hazard tells us about their kick off tour and the filming of a new music video. Take it away, Blake!

Greetings from the California freeway, somewhere between LA and SF (...I just woke up, and the 5 really looks pretty much the same the whole way North). We're about to play the first show away from home on this grand Love Notes/LetterBombs tour around the US and parts of Canada, up in pretty 'ole San Francisco (our first show-- a mad sing-along of a good time-- was just a day-trip from home down in the OC).

Right before we left on this tour, we shot a video with the lovely directress, Maximilla Lucaks. Young dancers dressed in silver sparkles spun around a giant sound stage while John and I rode a comet and swung on the moon.

This sparkly cosmic experience inspired me to change up the usually flower-strewn decoration of the glockenspiel I play on stage for a glitter-star, twinkling-light design. This took a lot of spraying of silver stars, shaking of glitter and rigging up of things before leaving town.

In the past, we've come home with tiny silk flower petals, plastic stamens and cloth leaves everywhere. This time I aim to end the tour positively covered in glitter, and to spread a bit of star-dust (OK, maybe silver confetti), everywhere we go. Thanks to Maximilla, we'll be out swinging on the stars each night.

Because the record just came out last week, we wondered whether people would know any of the new songs yet and hesitated to put many of them into the set. Happily, the singers in the audience down in the OC knew some of the lyrics better than I did. Haha. So, it's onward and upward with the new material. My favorite ones to play at the moment are "Ivaloo" and "The Sun Shines at Night," though these things seem to change all the time.

We've lucked out and scored a sleek black Sprinter van rental for this tour, so, we're riding in style. The fellas are all stretched out in captains' chairs while John talks gear with Nik Freitas (who is opening the first half of the tour) in the front seat. Nik and John are trading recording secrets. I'm a fly on the wall in the back seat -- a sleepy sparkly fly, drifting off with San Francisco on the mind....


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