The Spine-Tingling New Twin Peaks Trailer Features A Lot Of (CRAZY) New Faces

The Spine-Tingling New Twin Peaks Trailer Features A Lot Of (CRAZY) New Faces

It's only two short weeks 'til Twin Peaks returns to us, with all of the creeping dread, sexual terror and laugh/screams we've been missing in our lives since it went off the air in 1991. We can finally found out if they ever got that fish outta that percolator! A brand new trailer for the series was released today, and it gives us a better glimpse than ever before of the world we'll be walking back into, with some familiar old friends, some murder-y new hangouts and some terrifying new faces!

Let's take a closer look at Twin Peaks: The New Class, shall we?

There's a brand new hunk with an unbreakable, affectless stare!

And look at this charmingly rustic new murder house!

It's the lady from Mulholland Drive that got shot in the butt! And she's got a dog!

Look out Audrey, there's a new vixen in town, and she's wearing hoops!

Hello there, new favorite character and future Halloween costume!

The Bang Bang Bar!

Look, it's Vanessa from Gossip Girl sitting with SHELLEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

And a frightened redhead with a landline!

I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange. Twin Peaks returns from the place where pies go to die on May 21st.

Watch the full trailer below...

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