The Signal Is a "Gory Gas"

Definitely check out the new DVD of The Signal. It's a refreshingly original indie horror film made in Atlanta about a sudden signal that comes over the television and phone lines that causes most people to become violent and homicidal. Shot by three separate directors (David Bruckner/Dan Bush/Jacob Gentry) the film is broken up into three “Transmissions,” and while each section varies in tone (from hair-raising horror to pitch-black splatter comedy) they mesh together beautifully.

The through story is basically a romantic threesome -- Mya (Anessa Ramsey, who’s remarkably good), her dangerously jealous husband Billy (A. J. Bowen) and her new boyfriend Ben (Justin Welburn) who is desperately searching for her amidst the nightmarish carnage. This movie had a hard time coming to the big screen. Problems with the rights to the main song, "A Perfect Day," were impossible to get and the movie took forever to come out, diluting its momentum. A gory gas from start to finish.

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