The Mighty Roots have decided to pull out of tonight's star-studded David Bowie tribute concert at Manhattan's Carnegie Hall.

Their reason? Quite literally, "bitchassness."

Well, sort of.

That's what Quest Love hinted at some disputes over shared equipment on his Instagram, with this Diddy "mood" meme, and a pretty blunt caption.

Unclear which of the musicians on the lineup in tonight's homage-installment, including The Pixies, Cat Power, Debbie Harry, Michael Stipe, Flaming Lips, or the New York Children's Choir angered the legendary Philly supergroup...

(Fingers crossed it was the Children's Choir).

The second part of Bowie's tribute will occur tomorrow (April 1) at Radio City Music Hall.

Meanwhile, I'm going to preemptively tell everyone in my sight that I have zero #Bitchass tolerance.

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