Pope Francis has been a bit of a rock star in his time in the U.S. (even if that's also involved seriously disrupting every grumpy New Yorker's commute), but he's apparently ready to take the next step and transubstantiate that label, turning it literal by releasing a pop-rock album composed of many of his greatest messages called Wake Up. This is... actually not that surprising from the "Cool Pope," even if he's still the head of an organization that causes lots of problems in the world and covers up horrifying scandals. (Happy Friday!)

The first track from the album, debuted by Rolling Stone, sounds... kind of like a bland, inspirational rock jam? Listen to it below, and then ask yourself if Arcade Fire knows that Pope Francis is totally jacking their style. (In the meantime, let's think about some other music the Pope could release. Do you think Pope Francis is going to do a cover of "I am God"?)

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