The Pebble Watch: Didya Get One? Didya Get One?

Gary Pini
How would you like a watch that displays info from your iPhone, like text messages and caller ID? For a $115 Kickstarter donation, yours will be in the mail just as soon as Pebble Technology actually starts manufacturing them. (Unfortunately, this company is not owned by controversial TLC Svengali/"Mercedes Boy" singer Pebbles.) They've already raised +$7 million -- the most ever raised for a Kickstarter project -- and expect to start shipping in September.  AND, if you're feeling really flush, why not pledge $10,000 and become a "mega-distributor"?  That'll get you 100 watches with free shipping. Better hurry, you've only got until May 18. [via NYT]

Watch Pebble Technology's Kickstarter pitch video below:

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