Four years after it debuted in 2012, The Outs, the beloved queer-centric webseries created by and starring writer/actor Adam Goldman, is back for a second season.

With Vimeo investing in and premiering the new season, Goldman and his co-conspirators/co-stars, Sasha Winters and Jay Gillespie, will be able to garner a much bigger audience than before; the first episode came out on March 29, and the entire season is available for a (very-much worth it) price of $14.99.

The six half-hour episode season will continuing following the misadventures of a crew of twenty-something gays (and one straight lady) living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Led by Mitchell (Goldman) and Oona (Winters), and their mixed bag of friends and exes (plus one Alan Cumming!) navigates the shared horror of modern dating that transcends sexual orientation.

Considering queer representation on TV is still--in 2016--severely lacking, The Outs' return is only that much more necessary.

Watch the trailer below.

The Outs Season Two from Adam Goldman on Vimeo.

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