The Night of the Sorcerers and Exorcism out on DVD!

Two twisted DVDs out on : Exorcism and The Night of the Sorcerers and they're both lots of sick fun. The Night of the Sorcerers is directed by Amando de Ossorio -- the director of the Blind Dead films, which you definitely should check out.

Sorcerers takes place in Africa as a group of explorers arrive at a site where many years ago female members of a tribe were beheaded and transformed into vampires (go figure) and the nightmare is re-awakened big time as the jungle runs red with blood. Filled with lots of sleaze, nudity, whippings and violence, it's fun for the whole family. Exorcism stars legendary Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy as a priest who is called in when an aristocratic daughter seems possessed by the devil. There are satanic cults, hideous transformations, beds levitating off the floor -- the usual shenanigans. Both are extremely rare and gleefully gory. Wheee!

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