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The Next Generation of Royal Cuties at the Wedding of Marie-Christine of Austria and Rodolphe de Limburg-Stirum

The European royal cuties really came out in droves for the wedding of Marie-Christine of Habsburg and Count Rodolphe de Limburg-Stirum. Marie-Christine's mother is Astrid of Luxembourg and her father is Carl-Christian of Austria. The entire next generation of Luxemburgers came -- Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Princess Alexandra, Prince Louis and his wife Tessy, Prince Sebastian and Prince Felix. Cutie Prince Felix is also shown with his cousin Princess Maria Annunicata of Liechtenstein (daughter of Margarethe of Luxembourg). They make a fun couple!
Princess Astrid of Belgium (who, like Astrid of Luxembourg, is married to a Habsburg) is pictured with her daugther Maria-Laura of Habsburg. Maria-Laura is the younger sister of perhaps the hottest Prince around Amedeo of Habsburg. Brother of the groom Phillipe de Limburg-Stirum escorts his relative Helene de France.
Wenzeclas of Liechtenstein (who was once romantically linked to Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima) escorts his wildly chapeux-ed mother Princess Isabelle. Oh the cuteness knows no end.

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