The Morning Funnies: George Clooney's Awkward Yearbook Photo + Pugs Dressed as Yoda

Cat elevator. [via Buzzfeed]

Check out Robert De Niro's real-life taxicab license that he acquired when prepping for his role as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. How method! [via Retronaut]

2 guys, 2 dogs, 1 scooter. [via College Humor]

Before he was the Sexiest Man Alive (twice!), George Clooney was just another awkward-looking kid with a bowl cut, tinted glasses and a white turtleneck. [via Buzzfeed]

"Unko the Golden Poo" iphone case. [via World's Best Ever]

"Then they somehow spun the wheel of tragedy and landed on my name," Ryan Seacrest said of being chosen by Sacha Baron Cohen to get an urn full of "Kim Jong-Il's ashes" spilled on him at the Oscars. Apparently the original target was actually George Clooney but they changed their minds when they realized he was about to have "a big night." [via E!]

Watch Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis play politicians running for office in The Campaign. [via Perez Hilton]

A no-nonsense bathroom. [via The Daily What]

Pugs dressed as Yoda and Darth Vader. [via Buzzfeed]

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