The Morning Funnies: 30 Rock Live Show GIFs + a JTT Hypothetical

The best GIFs from last night's 30 Rock live show!

And here's an image of Fred Armisen as Frank Rositano.

52 Star Trek episodes playing at the same time. [via Animal NY]

Hanksy has struck again. [via HuffPo]

Viktor & Rolf have made some extremely high-waisted pants. [via Laughing Squid]

Danish firm Monstrum make amazing playgrounds. [via This Is Colossal]

This ad for the Fashion Shack is so bad it's good. [via The Daily What]

Here is a photo of Hilary Clinton meeting Louis C.K. as Amy Poehler looks on. [via Rats Off]

An important JTT hypothetical. [via Tofutti Break]

How to tell if you need a fedora. [via Rats Off]

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