Summer's hottest new trend is apparently something called a "mermaid crown," which uses the exoskeletons of dead sea creatures shells instead of wilted flowers. Cute!

Yep, you too can now actually pay upwards of a hundred hard-earned dollars to look like a decorative seashell bowl in an Orange County mom's bathroom.

Granted, they are kind of cool with all the customizable accoutrements, from charms to sparkles -- especially if you DIY. Though you probably have to be wary of neck strain from piling on the leftover moules frites.

However, for those of you who've actually purchased a mermaid crown from Etsy, we're curious to know if they come with warranties. Because as any kid who's picked up a seashell before knows, they're really fucking fragile.

Or if any of them come with health insurance, because some of these shells are awfully sharp-looking.

And while most of the #mermaidcrown Instagram tag features people who have escaped crown injury so far, the best look of the bunch definitely belongs to one really good dad.

The nostalgia cycle sure is moving fast these days. #Seapunk2016

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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