"The margaritas always taste better in Mexico... margaritas and cock," says Julian Nobel (Pierce Brosnan) to a total stranger while sitting in the lobby bar of a hotel in Mexico. The stranger is a luckless salesman named Danny Wright (Greg Kinnear), and this chance encounter marks the start of the unlikely friendship between Danny and Julian, a seedy, burned-out hit man (or "a facilitator of fatalities," as Julian puts it). This strangely affecting comedy, directed by Richard Shepard, is like a skewered buddy movie, but it plays by its own rules. When Julian shows up unexpectedly at Danny's Denver door one snowy night, the movie takes off in an unexpectedly wild direction. Brosnan is ideal and winning in the role, and Kinnear has just the right amount of self-effacing sweetness to make the oddball twosome click together nicely.

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