Put down that dandelion coffee because the haute-du-jour drink of today is apparently, literal fat water. 

Yep, FATWater, created by Dave Asprey, aka the founder of butter-infused Bulletproof Coffee, is the newest paleo/gluten-free/vegan/low-calorie liquid that triggers weight loss by ketosis and increases hydration. Because who doesn't love to be hydrated while their body eats itself? 

But how is it possible to drink fat and lose weight, you may ask. Why am I not getting ripped from my excessive milkshake intake? Should I start eating butter with every meal? Was Paula Deen onto something?According to Asprey, he has made it so his "patented coconut oil nanoparticles" help your body absorb water better and burn fat at the same time. Holy shit! 

And while it's not creamy, it apparently tastes "wetter on the tongue." Which is good, seeing as how it's, well, water. That is, $30 water.

[h/t Munchies]