The Lie's Josh Leonard and Jess Weixler On Their Effortless On-Screen Romance

Whitney Spaner
While watching the lie -- a film out next month about a musician who tells a despicable, baby-related lie to get out of his day job, directed by and starring Josh Leonard -- we were particularly struck by the chemistry between him and Jess Weixler, who plays his wife. Here, the actors explain how to achieve a seemingly effortless on-screen romance while keeping things cool in the real world.

Josh, why did you pick Jess to play your wife?

JL: Because she was hot. No, I think Jess is good at things that I'm not, and that's what makes a relationship great in general. Jess was a terrific foil in that sense.

Having as intense of an on-screen romance as yours seems like it could get tricky.
JW: It's extraordinarily tricky. you do develop intimate feelings, but I've found that eventually they grow into my closest friendships.

Have either of you ever gotten together with a co-star before?
JW: No, I haven't, but if two people meet on set after having good chemistry in that world, then great, two talented people are together. Hurrah.

JL: I have, and yes, it's really fascinating what happens to those relationships once they hit the cold light of day. I realized I had much less in common with those people than I thought I did. When you're both living your own normal lives the way you normally do it is very different from the summer-camp aspect of life on a movie set.

The Lie is out November 18th.

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