Okay, finally a Lemonade theory we can actually get behind -- mostly because this one explores Beyoncé's very-conscious efforts at incorporating traditional Yoruba imagery into her video, and lowkey posits her in the pantheon of goddesses we all know she deservingly belongs in.

That's right, according to Facebook user Tasha Robinson, there was one big symbolic parallel a lot of us missed from Beyoncé's HBO Lemonade visual -- namely the comparison of herself to an African goddess named Oshun. After all, we all know there was a huge emphasis on African spirituality in the video, so it's not a far leap to posit that this was, in fact, a very purposeful thematic tie-in. Because not only is Oshun a Yoruba Orisha representing love, fertility, beauty and, uh, sweet water (translation: 🍋 ), she also apparently represents ideas of healing, growth, change and prosperity...i.e. the central tenets of Lemonade.


[h/t Mic]

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