The It Kids Talent Agency

Peter Davis
Young Aaron Bakalar is connected to all the cool kids (he worked the door of nightclubs, like the now-shuttered Socialista, and has done quite a bit of marketing and event planning), so it makes sense that he has launched The Collaborative Agency which will represent a tightly edited roster of talented A-list it girls and boys like Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Gia Coppola, Alex Olson, Isabelle McNally, Tracy Antonopoulos, Lucien Marc Smith and land them chic gigs like fashion ad campaigns and movie roles. He even got nightlife god/graffiti artist Andre Saraiva (who is dating Dexter-Jones) to design the agency's logo: a stamp of hipness.  "I launched The Collaborative Agency to open doors for their various skills to collaborate with others, compose new ideas with their contemporary visions and to get them the exposure they deserve," Bakalar tells me. "They all have raw, original, creative outlooks and talent -- it's rare to come by -- and I'm here to prove it still exists."

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