Just when you thought we had escaped the online wrath of Breitbart's resident troll supreme, Milo Yiannopoulos, he's back in our twitter feeds as Out Magazine's latest big-name feature. Unsurprisingly, the Internet's pretty upset, with many slamming the prominent LGBTQ publication and the story's author, Chadwick Moore, for offering a platform to a "white supremacist" best known for his recent role in harassing Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones off Twitter.

Because while Yiannopoulos is openly gay, he's also a noted transmisogynist and supporter of political policies some believe will set back LGBTQ years.

Many commentators have also coupled their criticism with pointed references to Out's lack of QTPOC coverage...

...which some were also quick to point out is (more) evidence of white male privilege manifesting itself once again.

The magazine is also being slammed for its "consistent" featuring of straight, white men who market to the LGBTQ community -- a not so subtle jab at their controversial Nick Jonas cover from May, also written by Moore.

Others, including several writers and editors, were furthered offended by the "journalistic" pretense of Out's prominent "Not an endorsement" editor's note that opens the piece.

And while Out has not formally responded to the above criticism, their decision to feature Yiannopoulos has already been written off by many as an "outrage clicks" money-making tactic.

So what can you do in the meantime?

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