When the Leader of the Free World turns out in a look fit for the Hypebeast Supreme™ , you better bet the Internet's going to roast his penchant for drawstring pants...especially if it's a picture with almost too many built-in jokes.

I mean, whoever took this must have spotted the fortuitous "69" in the back.

And while GQ was quick to point out that the photo was from 2009, it sure as hell didn't stop an onslaught of aesthetic-centric lols over the holiday weekend.

The UK also had a little fun, comparing Obama's newfound penchant for Climacool ventilation to the sort of looks typically sported by grime MCs à la Drake favorite/Tracksuit Mafia don Skepta.

However, like this one Twitter user, we're mostly concerned about Barack's brand loyalty.

Like, bruv...

[h/t GQ]

Ed Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly attributed @yc's tweet to another source.

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