The Hurricane Club Is our Bar of the Week

Leslie Pariseau
A treasure hunt is abreast at The Hurricane Club. It began on opening night with a trail of food celebrities drinking bubbly (White House Chef Sam Kass, the Lee Brothers), and continues each evening with an expedition for shoulder room at the gilded carousel bar or a plush seat overlooking the Park Avenue crowd jostling tailored elbows. Reversely, the search ends with a fold-out cocktail map of sorts (reminiscent of another colorful menu we covered. Drinks are mysteriously numbered Tiki-style and flanked by Hawaiian blue monkeys who seem to heckle on a classed-up Jell-O shot with coconut foam (#5, $8) or a cardamom spiced fruit dram delivered in a hand-drilled coconut (#77, $15). Arrangements of pupu platters, poke and suckling pigs appear spontaneously with juicy lacquers shiny as the chandeliers and rock-studded ring fingers reaching for them. Old Hollywood details glisten in every nave surrounding the main cavern -- red lanterns, banana piles and potted ferns. The Hurricane Club is aggressively lush, but these nostalgic embellishments blur with the LA-tinged crush and glimpses of Montgomery Clift or Dean Martin can be imagined at the shoe shine station where they might argue over shots of rum. But this is New York, not LA, and there's little time for wistfulness -- there are Jell-O shots to be had.

The Hurricane Club
360 Park Ave.
(212) 951-7111

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