The Olympics wraps up this Sunday, and while there's still two days of athletic competition ahead, PAPER's Olympics are over.

Our fiercely contested battle for the title of Hottest Summer Olympian has drawn to a close. Forty fine men entered. Social media accounts and photos were judged. Thousands of votes were cast. And one man has emerged on top of it all.

Your 2016 Hottest Summer Olympian is...Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao.

Ning's win wasn't a guarantee--British judoka Ashley Mckenzie and French swimmer Camille Lacourt both made impressive pushes for hotness gold--but it wasn't a surprise. He sailed through the earlier stages of our competition, handling winning his match-ups against fierce competitors like Tom Daley and Ryan Lochte.

Scroll through these photos of your hottest Olympian, and imagine the Chinese national anthem softly playing as the flag rises and Zetao ascends the podium. There is no medal, because these abs need no adornment. They are their own reward.

He also looks good wearing clothes, too!

Congratulations, Ning. We at PAPER salute your hotness. We hope to see you in 2020 to defend your title.

Splash photo from Instagram.

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