The History of Ziti Pizza + Daria Shorts = Eight Items or Less

1. Lots of TV renewal news! Parks and Recreation, The Office, Up All Night and Whitney are all being renewed on NBC, and Happy Endings is returning next season to CBS.

2. The Foo Fighters and Arcade Fire will join Mick Jagger on SNL next weekend. No word yet on whether Jagger will be doing his best Dowager Countess impression... [via Entertainment Weekly]

3. Gothamist has a round-up of MCA tributes around the city.

4. Eater has uncovered the history of ziti pizza. Apparently, it originated in the mid-1980s at Famous Original Ray's.

5. Daria shorts. [via Fuck Yeah Daria]

6. Here's a preliminary map of bike station locations throughout the city, as part of the forthcoming Citi Bikes program. [via The Observer]

7. Harry Styles of One Direction has been offered a solo record deal in the US. [via Oh No They Didn't]

8. Well eff you too Paul McCartney. [via rrrick]

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