Sewed Soles (V2)

Cincinnati-based Rust Belt revivalists the Greenhornes play music like it's 1947 -- or at least that's what their first single off this, their fourth full-length, would lead you to believe. "Shadow of Grief" opens with screaming bluesarmonica and is complemented by despondent lyrics like "Born in misery, shadow of grief." Elsewhere the garage-rock trio paysomage to Townes Van Zandt, '60s R&B and the mystical sort of psychedelia that was theallmark of bands like the Yardbirds and the Doors.ighlights include the tender slow jam "Hold Me"; a raucous punk number called "It Returns"; and "Shelter of Your Arms," another tender slow jam. In fact, that's Sewed Soles' only fault -- 19 tracks are just too many. The Greenhornes' material often achieves a moody brilliance, but so many of the same moods are repeated that it becomes difficult to distinguish between songs. Too much of a good thing? Perhaps. Jonathan Durbin

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