The Green Scene: Green Owl

12:45 p.m. Green Owl

Our first stop was Green Owl, a small record label with a pocket office on Warner Brother's 26th floor of Rockefeller Plaza. In 2007, Billy got together with Ben Bronfman (lead singer of the band Bermuda and M.I.A.'s husband) and Stephen Glicken (Ghostface Killah's main engineer on The Pretty Toney Album) to found Green Owl with the hopes of changing the way the music industry operates in a steadily warming planet. Home to The Very Best, Ninjasonik and the So So Glos, Green Owl uses 100 percent post-consumer waste paper packaging, CD trays made of recycled bottles, and biodiesel and waste vegetable oil-powered touring buses.

After sitting down for a few minutes with Stephen, the president of Green Owl, we had a chance to hear a few new tracks from their most recent signee, Grandchildren, as he explained how their plans for releasing the new album and tour were going to be the most sustainable yet.

"At the end of the day we're trying to create good art and good music," Stephen said. "The way I look at it is -- it's just forward thinking -- we have new ways of doing things and you have an option of doing this destructive old-school way and you have this positive new way, and we try to take that option wherever we can."

At the tender age of three, Green Owl is signing new bands and pushing the limits of how record companies can be both economically and environmentally sustainable, which is no small feat in an industry that's been turned upside down by the digital age.

Check out the full Green Owl roster online and head to the Natural History Museum on March 12th for the start of The Very Best's East Coast tour.


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