The Green Scene: Green City Force

2 p.m. Green City Force

Green City Force works with youth from neighborhoods like Bushwick, Flatbush and Cypress Hills to provide the training they need to get jobs in the new green economy -- from solar panel installers to weatherization experts. "Honestly at the beginning it was about the money because it's hard to find a job right now, but it slowly turned into a bigger interest in the green economy," Arturo Miranda, a teen-aged Green City Force member told us as he prepared for a test on home weatherization he had to take that afternoon.

There are not many places in the country better positioned than New York to create thousands of new jobs making homes more sustainable. The city's comprehensive sustainability plan known as PlaNYC 2030, the recently passed NY Green Jobs/Green Homes Act 2030 (which aims to weatherize one million homes) and incentives from the Federal Government's stimulus plan, are making it all possible. Organizations like Green City Force are essential in ensuring that some of these jobs go to the people who need them most, ensuring real pathways to prosperity are created for residents of low-income communities across the city.

As Ashley Smith, another Green City Force member, said as we finished up our interviews and got ready to head to our next stop, "I guess it's cool because at the end of the day, you know, people get the joy of feeling safer in their homes... It makes you feel better if you are helping someone else."

Get your home weatherized by checking out the Weatherization Assistance Program or the Community Environmental Center, or put solar panels on your building with the help of the Global Solar Center


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