The Green Scene: Candle 79

5:30 p.m. Candle 79

We had plans to meet up with friends at a different restaurant, but to round out the tour we changed our reservations to Candle 79, a leader in New York's local, organic and sustainable restaurant world. The food dispels all the stir-fry vegetarianism that we were raised with and makes you want to learn to discover your kitchen or more likely just visit there's more often.

The food all comes from Satur Farms on the North Fork of Long Island and is as locally sourced as possible. Their commitment to sustainability stretches farther than food -- from the cleaning supplies to their menus -- and has led them to be the first certified green restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association in New York. For a more everyday-visit version of the restaurant you can also check out the nearby Candle Café, which has been around and thriving since 1994.

Another great green restaurant to check out: Gust Organics


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