The Grace of Monaco Trailer: Nicole Kidman Is a Silent, Moody Grace Kelly

by Max Kessler

The trailer for Grace of Monaco -- directed by La Vie en Rose's Olivier Dahan and starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly -- is here and it looks, uh, exactly like the Diana trailer from earlier this year: lots of shots of a blond actress posing as a blond princess looking moody from a thousand angles, without any dialogue. This moody-blond-princess movie will depict the tumultuous phase in Kelly's life when she quit acting to marry the Prince of Monaco. Other than that, the only thing that distinguishes this trailer from the Diana trailer is a weighty male voice-over about succession and legacy and princess-y things. Yeah, okay, so everyone already knows the stories of these moody, blond princesses and maybe exposition isn't entirely necessary. But wouldn't it be great to let the (actresses playing the) princesses speak for themselves a little bit? Watch above.

[via Vulture]

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