The Gossip Nailed Our Vibe Today in Their New Video, "Get A Job"

By Max Kessler

While everyone else is out and about -- or, you know, inside nursing a hangover -- in honor of President's Day, we PAPER editors are at work as usual. How lucky for us, then, that we just discovered The Gossip's new video for "Get A Job." While bringing the classifieds to life, Beth Ditto manages to sum up everything that we were feeling last night with her opening chant ("I'd love to stay and party but I've gotta go to work."), and does a great job of nailing the new hipstery breed of scrubs ("Just had your hair done but we're not asking for the rent / Poor little rich girl, you don't know where the money went"). For those of you who are also stuck in the office, watch and be glad that you're not responding to one of these ads. And if you're unemployed, approach with caution.

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