The Game Returns to Instagram Dick Pics

Happy Valentines Day!

Was your Instagram feed getting a little predictable, full of artfully shot dinners and cute dogs? Never fear, The Game has returned with his penis (under tight boxer briefs) in hand to remind the world that he's got a hell of a bulge, and he's not afraid to share it on the Internet. Welcome back, The Game!

Even more important, The Game's hashtagging remains impeccable. This time he's treating us to a Valentine's Day special edition, with a litany of tags that swing between the incredibly filthy (#EatHerPussyLikeSheMadeJesusThe LastSupper) and the heartfelt romantic (#TreatThatWomanLikeBarackTreatsMichelle). Who among us can read #RunHerBathsUntilTheWaterIsAsWarmAsAMiamiMorningInSpring and not melt? The Game is a poet for the ages.

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