Welcome back to our ongoing coverage of the beautiful insanity of Empire's second season. Tonight was slightly lower-key than the last two episodes, focusing more on drawing the battle lines for the upcoming fight between Empire and Lyon Dynasty (as well as making Andre cry), but that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of fun stuff going on. Check out the best moments below.

5. "Random Hood Rat"
Jamal is sort of sidelined for most of this episode, while Becky tries to get him to reconcile with Cookie so he can make fire music. But he takes that anger out on Freda Gatz, who he calls a "random hood rat" to his father in a way that starkly clarifies the kind of life Jamal has led (remember the loft he was living in in the first episode?) and the class-based assumptions he's bringing to his artistry. Oof.

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