Lil Wayne has been having a... rough year. The Carter 5 is still nowhere to be found, Sorry 4 the Wait 2 basically vanished in a vacuum of "eh" (let's not even talk about Free Weezy), and he's the subject of a ton of lawsuits. One of which, Complex notes, involves Tunechi failing to pay over $1 million for leasing a private plan, which is basically the most Lil Wayne thing we can think of. That has apparently led to a raid on his property in Miami, including seizure of assets that were initially unnamed, but now appears to include pieces from his apparently $30 million art collection. WHAT? Do you think Weezy just spends his days staring at original Rembrandts or something? Damn.

As of yet, the police haven't named specific assets claimed in the raid, so there's a lot of room for... speculation! What else do you guys think got taken from Weezy? A tiger? Gold skateboards? Lasagna? There are a couple of bright spots for Wayne -- he's apparently currently in Los Angeles, so he didn't have to personally deal with the raid (thought it will probably be pretty annoying when he gets back). And at least he wasn't murdered by Birdman.

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