The Cooper Square Hotel is Now the Standard East Village

It's official -- Andre Balazs and co. have taken over the Cooper Square Hotel, renaming it "The Standard East Village." We'll let Standard Mascot Stan D'arde take it from here, via his statement posted on the hotel's website:

Unlike The Standard, New York, this East side counterpart, located on the corner of East 5th Street and Bowery at Cooper Square, is going to be a more mellow alternative to all the boom in your West side room. Spanning 21 floors with 145 rooms offering stunning cityscape views, The Standard, East Village will offer you all the spacious comforts and high 'standards' to which you've grown accustomed.

Over the next year, we'll be refurbishing the rooms, revamping the restaurant and reimagining the public spaces to make everything perfect for you. Oh, and when I say I'll be "working", I mean I'll be at the bar sipping my martini, pointing at things and telling people where another bar should probably belong.

We're really excited to be moving into the hood with old friends like Creative Time and The New Museum and to meet all the new friends waiting for us.

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