There still aren't many words to summarize the unfathomable loss of Prince yesterday.

But right now at least, the best things to say about him should be sung.

Last night, the cast of The Color Purple, including Jennifer Hudson and Cynthia Erivo, did just that; following their performance, the actors assembled on stage and belted out Prince's timeless 'Purple Rain.'

When I say belted, I mean it; they sang with every inch of their soul, just like Prince did.

The result was nothing short of divine.

One of T.C.P.'s neighbors, little-known fringe play, Hamilton, did a send-up of their own...

...with Lin Manuel Miranda leading his Revolutionary-era queens jig their faces off to 'Let's Go Crazy.'

Meanwhile, across the East River in Brooklyn, director Spike Lee led a block party to honor the singer, as thousands crowded the streets in Fort Greene.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today...

And in Prince's homeland of Minnesota, thousands sang 'Purple Rain.'

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