The Cobra Snake's Paris Fashion Week Yard Sale

Julia Frakes

Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter might be known for his nightlife photography (featuring the cutest kids donning the trendiest, kookiest togs), but his distinctive, endearingly "ragamuffin Jewish" panache -- a trademark that has evolved by virtue of his extensive travels scouring vintage shops around the world for his eponymous online "Cobra Shop" -- has always made him distinct. It's no wonder, then, that PM Tenore, founder of lifestyle brand RVCA and advocate of the budding brightest in subculture, tapped Hunter to collaborate with his RVCA Artist Network Program (ANP) on a full-fledged collection. True to form, he unveiled his collection Sunday in a setting where he has found some of his greatest fashion finds: a yard sale. Shoppers gathered at the Brunch Bazar in Paris to browse collections of vintage selected by Hunter as well as items from the line. "I am constantly inspired when I travel... from Paris Fashion Week to a sketchy trip to Mexico City, I love colors and funny outfits and have always had a very eccentric style," Hunter said. "I dress exactly the way that I want and I don't worry much about what other people might think."

Re-interpreting his personal looks into the RVCA line was a cinch, says Mark:  "they let me go crazy... I came up with tons of ideas and they helped me make sense of everything." For Spring 2010 Mark also took a cue his dynamic grandparents' style (as commemorated by fellow lensman Todd Selby on the famed fashion/interior shrine; to wit "the Party Time RVCA rainbow sweater was actually referenced from something I found at my Grandma Renee's house." Some of Hunter's fun, flippant illustrations that first graced his stickers have evolved into the collection's backbone: instantly-identifiable t-shirts culminating with his bestselling The Cobraflage tee (depicting an illustrated Sgt. Snake commanding 'YOU to join The Cobra Snake Party Army!'). No doubt that legions of club kids will be clamoring to enroll.

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