For an EDM factory farm, the Chainsmokers really love rock music. They've sung of their love for the band Beach House on their song... "Beach House," which goes: "Woke up on the West Side/ Listening to Beach House." Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert are also currently executive producing a TV show called Demo about a 20-something musician who leaves their indie rock band to chase dreams of writing pop songs. Possibly inspired by their own oedipal craving to be a credible indie rock band instead of the Nickleback of DJs.

Now the boys are about to live out one of their greatest rock and roll fantasies: collaborating with Blink-182. The Chainsmokers are famously fans of the aging pop-punkers. On their No. 1 hit about a southwestern romance gone wrong, "Closer," they beg poetically: "Stay and play that Blink-182 song/ That we beat to death in Tuscon."

Blink-182 posted a teaser for their new track which, promising to be extremely petty, is titled "P.S. I Hope You're Happy" along with a sunset polaroid for the single art.

Blink-182 just dropped some "rock on" emojis on the Smokers' post, while Pall (the less hot one) added from his personal account "LFG new music next week in a major way."

The emo dads apparently came out to perform "P.S. I Hope You're Happy" at the Chainsmokers' recent show at The Forum in LA, so there are few thousand folks who already know what Blink-182 x Chainsmokers sounds like. The rest of us will have to wait till Friday. A perfect, deranged way to close out #20ninescene.

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