The Burning out on DVD at Last!

It's finally here: the uncut version of the beloved 1981 slasher movie The Burning is finally available on DVD. ( ) Set at a summer camp where years before a hideous prank on the caretaker Cropsy caused him to be burned an hideously disfigured, he now stalks new campers with sharpened hedge shears -- and the blood flows. One of the first Miramax films, with plenty of newcomers like Jason Alexander, Fisher Stevens, Holly Hunter, and outrageous bloody special effects by Tom Savini, most of the film's best parts were discarded in order to get an R rating (but have popped up on bad bootlegs for years). Finally, in all its gruesome glory, we get to see the notorious scene wherein Cropsy goes to town on an entire raft of kids with his trusty shears. It really is unbelievably gory and great.

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