The Burkman Bros Make Tourism Hot

Peter Davis
Burkman Bros, the bohemian-meets-global-cool label designed by brothers Ben and Doug Burkman, just launched a new capsule collection for Urban Outfitters called "The Tourist." The opening party Monday at the store's Fifth Avenue location was filled with stylish threads, hot guys (both the models and the guests -- just look how cute the Burkmans are!) and had a tropical  vibe. "We wanted to extend our collection to a broader audience at a lower price point while keeping it in the same spirits at the Burkman Bros. collection," Ben told me. "The Tourist is designed for the younger, hipper brother of the main collection." I have already started to pile on the bracelets and the printed shorts are ready for Memorial Day weekend in Montauk as well as my upcoming jaunt with artist Ryan McGinness to South Africa (B Bros. is all about international chic). Even though the collection, "The Tourist," shares the name with the dismal dud of a Johnny Depp/Angelina Jolie movie, the B Bros. have not seen it. "But it is definitely on our Netflix queue now," Doug added. I'll take the collection and bag the movie.

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