The Bunny Report: "What’s so great about a fake?"

Jordan Kinney

As of late, certain city-dwelling persons have been throwing heavier craze at me than the usual flow due to my choice adornment of this sexy faux-Chanel heart-shaped bracelet. I bought it at this nameless Korean place that sells fake designer accessories and like, international cell phone plans or something. Seriously, people have been literally gagging (totes nasty!) over the fine plastic craftsmanship, virtually threatening my own life in the pursuit of uncovering precisely where I bought it. They offer me all kinds of weird crap in exchange for the (apparently) highly prized information (gift certificates, money, first-borns, actual Chanel bracelets, etc.) but after one of such persons ended up being somehow affiliated with Chanel’s legal department I decided to keep it on the DL.

In this case, I’m pretty confident that everyone knows it isn’t real (I mean, the paint started chipping off when I got it wet -- distressed, so chic!) but are other people wearing fake designer stuff so that they can humor the world into thinking they can maybe afford the real thing? I like to think that in my love affair with such quality inauthentic low-fashion accessories I’m merely critiquing the futility (and kind of douchey attitude) of ultra-expensive name-branded high fashion itself! Why pay more for a logo when you can get something totally cheap and weird like this that no one else has? Isn’t that the thrill of uniqueness one of the most fundamental reasons to keep caring about self-style? Hells yes, I say!

Bunny loves his fake Chanel!

L8er sk8er!

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