The Bunny Report: "Marilyn Manson’s Brother? Uh, I’ll Take That! Totally My New Look!"

Jordan Kinney

I thought it would be fun to walk to PAPER today from my apartment downtown because I hate taking the subway… turns out I erred majorly with that decision as it was super windy, thus causing my hat to continuously flutter astray in a plight of freedom from the flimsy shackles of my head. But that ended up being a largely irrelevant concern given the mass scrutiny I endured from the collected peoples of the wholesale district… one of whom said that I looked “mad nasty, like Marilyn Manson’s brother or something.” Marilyn Manson’s brother? Uh, I’ll take that! Totally my new look!

Anyways, it wasn’t even that cold outside but I (quite naturally) took the very slight windchill factor as ample rationale for pullin’ out the ole winter fur. This is one of my fave jackets that I picked up somewhere near London’s Brick Lane for like five pounds. It smelled all gross like old people basement when I bought it, but after some heavy duty Febreezing and a few trips to the dry cleaner she’s as prime as ever! Funny that I worked so hard to scrub the death scent out of this coat, considering that when I wear it I like to pretend I’m a kooky grandpa just teetering on that fine line between mildly senile eccentricity and, like, just crazy.

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