PR Consulting, who represents major fashion houses like Dior and Versace, has announced that it will be handling all of Grindr's public relations, "effective immediately."

In case you DIDN'T know, Grindr is an app founded in 2009 by its CEO Joel Simkhai, and uses a GPS system to connect gay and bisexual males to one another based on proximity; a gorgeously horny and terrifying grid of torsos and selfies, and "Sup" and "Het" and "***Hey" and "Pics?" and "Into" and "More pics?" and "Face pics?" and "Haha yea."

(founder Joel Simkhai)

It's also (probably) the result of long-term, light scoliosis from gay men slightly angling their heads to subtly check Grindr messages during a meeting at work.

Interestingly enough, Simkhai's is the brother of rising womenswear designer Jonathan Simkhai, who was one of the 3 winners of Vogue's esteemed Fashion Fund at this year's CDFA Awards.

Power bros.

Grindr is currently available in 192 countries around the world, and boasts over 7 million active users monthly, so it's no wonder a mercilessly large PR company wanted it in their shopping cart.

Make sure to send an extra chic dick pic in honor of this fashionable union tonight!

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