Best New/Old Instagram: An old Instagram account called @draketwins has just been given new life thanks to Aubrey's recent "Work" verse, as it's an account exclusively dedicated to showing Drake ft. Drake onstage, in the pool, watching the game, etc. etc. But our biggest question is, which Drake would you choose?? -- Liz Desio

Dab Of The Week: Even after all these years, Spongebob Squarepants' Squidward Tentacles is still finding ways to get through to our youth. -- Ivan Guzman

Most Millennial Sex Toy: It supposedly holds your smartphone for you...and your penis! Perfect for your solo Valentine's Day! -- LD

Best Revenge: Earlier this morning, an Australian woman crashed her own funeral, staging her very own "resurrection" after her husband hired hit men to kill her. We can't wait until Lifetime gets ahold of this movie plot. -- LD

Best New Entry In The 2016 Presidential Race: Good luck, and don't fuck it up!! -- Sandra Song

Fattest Cat Who Almost Got Away With It, Y'all: This UK cat named Clive disappeared from his home in December 2014, only to be discovered two miles away, living in a pet food factory and fat as f. Clive for prez! --Elizabeth

Best Attempt To Relate To Your Kids: Caitlyn Jenner using her new selfiestick is a little awkward, but also comforting and charming. -- IG

Most Terrifying Image: The real and imaginary combine to create what may be one of the most upsetting things we've ever seen. -- SS

Moniker of the Week: In Washington, a guy named Beezow Doo Doo Zopittybop-bop-bop got arrested for biting a cop...this is all after being arrested for weed twice in the past. Hungry for attention? --IG

Single Photo That Encapsulates The Current State of Humanity:

Same, bb.-Carey O'Donnell

Best Impression of My Shoulders On a First Date: Jennifer Lawrence's pose in this Annie Leibowitz shot with J. Fonda for Vanity Fair.-CO

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