Coolest Mean-Teens in Paris: Kanye and Lorde! If this isn't "let's go smoke cigarettes in the parking lot of Dennys and pretend we like Echo and the Bunnymen" then we don't know what is. P.S. We see your turtleneck, Lorde. -- Elizabeth Thompson

Best Way to Pay Your Brooklyn Rent: By starting a BDSM dungeon in your apartment as one woman did in Park Slope. If you're going to live in the most expensive place in America, you might as well have some fun! -- Evan Siegel

Best Air Guitar, Bass, Drums, Mic Stand...: This new video by Brooklyn dance dudes Legs. It's a pleasing throwback to sophomore-year improv exercises, and a reminder that you don't need a big budget -- or even props! -- to make a weird, cool video. (Also, don't miss the Liz Taylor cameo.) -- James Rickman
Biggest Haters: The pop-allergic art critics destroying the new Bjork retrospective at MoMA. -- E.T.

Most Mind-Blowing Connection:
Beyoncé and Beck's dad. Thanks to a Redditor, we learned that Beck's old man David Campbell contributed string arrangements for Beyoncé's 2006 album, B'Day. This "feud" just got more interesting. -- Tené Young

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