The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

by Paper
Shadiest Shade Move of the Week: Kris Jenner posting this bitchy email to Instagram that she received from our current cover girl, warning her mother to cut it out with ALL the black dresses and white collars! While we think it was an epic moment in parental one-upping that Kris gets snaps for, Kim kind of does have a point. Let's get some pops of color and new silhouettes up in this bitch, Kris. --Elizabeth Thompson

Best Way to Punch a Painting Without Getting Arrested: If you've never wanted to punch a Monet while in a gallery you're lying to yourself. But that's okay, because now you have the chance to beat the shit out of a painting on the Internet! Which is basically real life at this point. -- Kyla Bills

Scariest Vacation:
This one. A man in Canada booked a trip around the world with his then-girlfriend but they broke up and, rather than canceling the trip, the dude put a call out on Reddit for any woman who shared his ex's name (Liz Gallagher) to accompany him. Please be safe, new Liz Gallagher! -- K.B.

Best Tampon Ad:
The one made by NYU's Hammerkatz sketch comedy group, which imagined a tampon commercial made by an all male marketing team and it's too good to be true. -- K.B.

Best Use of Stock Footage:
This homage to famous directors is startlingly wonderful and accurate considering that it's composed entirely stock footage. -- K.B.

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