The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

by Paper
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Best 'Sun Belt Beauty' Makeover of the Week: Britney Spears, who debuted a conservative blonde bob and a white pantsuit at a European red carpet event. -- Abby Schreiber

Worst Sex Advice of the Week: The Duggars'. The family with "19 Kids and Counting" shared their questionable, not-so-sexy tips and tricks with Page Six. Number 1? "Always be available for sex." Yeah, we stopped reading after that. -- Gabby Bess

The Only Thing We're Gonna Be Reading This Weekend: And Now...An Oral History of "Late Night With David Letterman," 1982-1993 by Brian Abrams. Available as a Kindle Single, the book covers the origins of everything from Letterman's "Top 10 Lists" to "Stupid Pet Tricks" and features anecdotes from guests like Mark Hamill, Gilbert Gottfried and Dee Snyder. You can buy it HERE. -- A.S. 

Best Ensemble Cast (of Zombies) in a Musical: The Bad Lip-Reading series invaded Walking Dead again, and in addition to lines like "There's always a little roach in my slender man undies," there's some just plain genius singing. The part at 2:30 made me spit tea all over my computer. -- James Rickman

Most Pretentious Social Media Start-Up: Ello. I mean c'mon it has a MANIFESTO. -- Kyla Bills

Most Exciting New Fashion Campaign of the Week: Alexander Wang X H&M. The campaign features a mix of models and athletes wearing Wang's athleticwear-inspired designs. Among the sports stars are kickboxer Ribaldino dos Santos and soccer player Andy Carroll. *Sigh* -- Emily McEnroe (Photo by Mikael Jansson)

Best Facial Hair of the Week: Joaquin Phoenix's gross-ass mutton chops in the new stills for Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice (one of our 10 New York Film Festival picks, by the by). They make us feel weird and itchy, as do most things from the '70s. -- Elizabeth Thompson

[Photo courtesy of ABC]

Most 'Holy Shit' TV Premiere of the Week: Shonda Rhimes' How to Get Away With Murder. Whoa. Over the course of an hour, there was murder, an attempted murder, 1.5 steamy sex scenes, adultery, and a bunch of times you were reminded of Legally Blonde. -- A.S.

Most Informative Short Video on Tattoos: This one. Do you know where the idea for the tattoo gun came from? It was actually inspired by the stencil machine created by good ole' Thomas Edison! Who knew... -- E.M.

Hardest Choice We've Ever Had to Make: This one. @MaximumTrent is a @MaximumTroll, no doubt, but this still made us laugh. -- E.T.

Best Web Series Shot Entirely In a Car: This weirdly charming micro-series cuts to the raw, bloody core of Los Angeles: the freeways, the tanner, the saxophones, the ceaseless social/financial/sexual negotiations. "I bet you like it in the back." -- J.R.

Creepiest App Populated By Presumably Creepy People: Cuddlr. -- K.B.

Best Star-Studded Father-Son Collab Featuring Lots of Bananas: Seems like only yesterday that Spencer Tweedy was a sweet little kid in the Wilco documentary I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. Now he has his own band (with his dad), and their new video has cameos to rival "Liberian Girl." -- J.R.

Best/Worst Job Title:
Buzzfeed is hiring a Pintern. Which is basically exactly what it sounds like. -- K.B.

Weirdest Beyoncé-esque Release: Radiohead's Thom Yorke released his album without any fanfare on BitTorrent today. The world didn't react like it did for Beyonce, but good for him! -- K.B.

Worst News For Basic Bitches: The Pumpkin Spice Four Loko isn't real :(.... yet! There's still time in PSL season for this sorority girl dream to become an unfortunately real nightmare. -- K.B.

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