The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

by Max Kessler + Elizabeth Thompson
Worst "Election? What election? Hahahahaha!" Staged Photo Opp: Anthony Weiner conveniently playing with his son in a Union Square playground and doing other fun, normal guy stuff after eating shit in the mayoral race. -- Elizabeth Thompson

Most Inspiration Taken from Sigfried and Roy: Lil' Kim's new album cover. That's some Golden-Era-of-hip-hop-meets-early-show-at-the-Mirage-Resort-and-Casino shit. -- M.K.

The Two Best Reasons to Start Watching Pretty Little Liars: these very, ahem, naked pictures of PLL actor Julian Morris in Wonderland magazine. -- Max Kessler

Best Longread: this L.A. Review of Books piece which explores Kendrick Lamar's relationship to black memoirists in relation to the decline of the black blues narrative. -- M.K.

Best Fashion Week Everything: The Blonds show. Over-the-top, camp, and fabulous as usual. -- E.T.

Cutest Space Exploration News: Voyager 1, which was launched in 1977 and "carries an 8-track tape recorder and computers with one-240,000th the memory of a low-end iPhone," is the first probe to edit the solar system. Go, little guy, go! -- M.K.

Most Embarrassing Arizona News of the Week: This story about a Mexican food chain in the hellscape that is Litchfield Park, Arizona that gave a bunch of people "bloody diarrhea" and are trying to lure customers back with free burritos and an appearance from "The Queen of Clean." -- E.T.

No Wait, This Is the Most Embarrassing Arizona News of the Week: "Man Who Branded Initials on Girlfriend's 'Vaginal Area' Seemed 'Normal'"

Most Swoon-Worthy Cover Story of the Week: OUT magazine's, which not only features Joseph Gordon-Levitt being as thoughtful and sensitive and amazing as usual, but also features this pic of JGL cuddling with a kitten. -- M.K.

Best Mash Up: "It's Still Kanye West To Me" pairs Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock and Roll To Me," the anthem of every 50-something dad and personality-less frat boy, with Kanye West's "Black Skinhead" and it works together surprisingly well! -- E.T.

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