I've been thinking a lot about hair lately. (Apparently I need more to do!) But I love celebrities with amazing hair and I feel as though I've seen a lot of them lately. One of my all time favorite manes is that of Tinsley Mortimer, but I have to say, after seeing her pictured on our About Last Night... blog with her sister Dabney Mercer, I think that Dabney might be taking over as reigning queen of the blond wave. I've also been fawning week after week over Gossip Girl star Blake Lively's super long, thick blond hair. And then there's Gisele, whose hair, coupled with that body, couldn't be more perfect! For a more geometric style there's club singer Lady GaGa, who I saw perform last night at a rooftop party. She has a crazy look and came out wearing a hood with only her platinum blond thick bangs sticking out. After a song or two she unveiled a long blunt cut that I died for. I asked her after the show if it was her real hair -- as it was so perfect it looked like a wig -- and she replied, "most of it!" She said bleach will do awful things to your hair -- which is the reason why my hair is not as blond as I'd like it to be (you're shocked I'm blond). I'm terrified of burning my hair off!

So as not to think I'm only about the lighter colored cuties I am adding in Zooey Deschanel. If I ever dyed my hair dark, this is what I'd hope it would look like!

And last but not least, at a recent performance of the off-Broadway show The New Century at the Mitzi Gaynor Theater at Lincoln Center, I fell in love with actress Linda Lavin's hair. Here's hoping I have a head of hair like hers at that age!

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