The Best PAPER Quotes of 2014

From John Waters to Kim Kardashian, the best of what was said in PAPER and on in 2014.

"We stay in places based on how they make a margarita. I call ahead and have my assistant talk to them. I'm seriously on the border of turning into Jennifer Lopez." -- Chelsea Handler. From "Chelsea Handler: The Everywoman's Most Outrageous Friend"

"I chose to never deny myself the simple pleasures of life. Whether that be looking at someone or fucking someone who's beautiful, it doesn't really matter to me. I want to do what I want to do and I'll fuck with the consequences. But I'm not going to deprive myself." -- Angel Haze. From "Going for the Gold: Why Angel Haze is the Brave New Face of Rap"

"I've been eating like a bawse for a long time. Now I want to eat clean." -- Rick Ross. From We Shared an Intimate Italian Meal With Rick Ross and Kanye Showed Up.  

"I never felt confident enough to lead anything. I wasn't sure how to communicate what I wanted, and I'd just become really frustrated and impatient. When I began working with my band and became more comfortable with how that process worked, it just completely fucking rocked." -- Angel Olsen. From "Singer Angel Olsen Goes Electric"

"He's a genius. When we connected, I basically got a call from my management saying, 'Prince would love to speak to Rita.' And I was like, 'Wait, like the actual Prince? The Prince of Wales?'" Rita Ora, on collaborating with Prince; from "Beautiful Ora: BFFs Rita Ora and BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw Dish Up Some Real Talk"

"I'm just really excited to show people different sides of me. I think a lot of people were very surprised to see me at New York Fashion Week [walking for Jeremy Scott and Desigual] because I'm not zero pounds soaking wet. But that kind of excites me when people are like, 'What? When did that happen?'" -- Gigi Hadid. From "Beautiful People"

"People tweet nice things all day, but if someone says, 'Correct your grammar,' then I go into what I call 'wolf mode.' I start posting pictures of wolves and writing literary wolf-journal-style tweets like, 'SNOW CRUNCHING UNDER PAW.' Caps lock is like a wolf's stare to me." -- Chelsea Peretti. From "Beautiful People"

"I want everything I work on, from @midnight to Nerdist, to be inclusive. I don't want the comedy I create to point a finger at anybody -- I want these projects to feel like everybody's invited to this party." -- Chris Hardwick. From "Beautiful People"

"Fred is breakable. There's ways I can break him. Any time I'm angry or scream, Fred will laugh." -- Carrie Brownstein on her Portlandia costar Fred Armisen. From "Will the Real Fred and Carrie Please Stand Up?"

"My idea of being a grownup was living behind a white picket fence and changing who you were -- getting a bob and wearing beige. But I found freedom through my brand and being myself and being able to do it my way. I really just want to empower people to feel like they're strong enough to make their own decisions." -- Nicole Richie. From "Quite Contrary: Nicole Richie's Success Keeps Sprouting"

"It was a little hard to get money because it was a pretty dark film and Gia was a first-time director -- so I told my rep to find a movie that would pay me enough that I could just give it to Gia and get the movie made. I ended up doing a movie that I kind of enjoyed called Homefront, which was directed by Stallone." -- James Franco, on finding funds for Palo Alto. From "The Rad Pack: Director Gia Coppola Photographs the Young, Hot Cast of Her Debut Film, Palo Alto"

"The thing about working with actors is that even though they're supposed to be hard, tough, dirt-caked ranch men, they're actors so they're very sensitive, very in touch. And they're all very musical -- there's a lot of singing and playing instruments backstage." Leighton Meester, on working with James Franco, Chris O'Dowd and others in Of Mice and Men. From "Leighton Meester Makes Her Broadway Debut"

"People come up to me, but they are generally really nice. New York makes it easier, for me at least. People manage to be enthusiastic and sort of sane at the same time. And that's lovely." -- Daniel Radcliffe on being recognized in New York. From "Daniel Radcliffe Works His Magic on Broadway"

"It's a great moment for photography because so many people are touched by it now. I'm obsessed with Instagram. I love the democraticness. Technically everyone is a photographer now." -- Inez van Lamsweerde. From "Inez and Vinoodh Take Their Relationship to the Next Level"

"My main aim when I make music is to break this whole boundary of genre. There's this music industry snobbery that it all comes down to the musician. I wanted to make a point that 'No, my voice is going to lead this project.' There is no 'sound' to this album. The 'sound' is my voice." -- Sam Smith. From "Sam Smith is the Next Big Sound"

"He served his time. He has the right to live an honest life. He should avoid the nightclub world." -- Michael Musto on Michael Alig. From "What's Next for Michael Alig"

"I was really intoxicated onstage [earlier in my career]. I have more energy now. Also I work out... After a show, I have a couple drinks and then go to bed. [I used to] have a couple of drinks, and then more drinks, and not go to bed. But I've got kids now." -- Lily Allen. From "Lily Allen Has No Qualms About Her Return to the Pop World. She Knows Exactly What She's In For"

"I think I was born in the wrong kind of family. I should have been born in the circus." Daphne Guinness, on her family ties to the Guinness brewery family and the Mitford sisters. From "Daphne Guinness Has the Style of a Rock Star. Turns Out She Also Has the Voice"

"EDM is just a term that journalists came up with for the part of the market that sells energy drinks." -- Diplo. From "Diplo: The Cultural Agitator"

"The only reason anything [gets released] from Disclosure now is because me and Howard like it. Maybe some of our friends like it or our mum likes it. If your mum likes it then someone out there is going to like it. That's our process." -- Guy Lawrence. From "Disclosure: The New Forefront"

"I've had meaningful relationships in the past 20 years, not just Kurt. But all the public wants to read about is Kurt, and being a movie star, and a fall from grace followed by a rise. I tend to be attracted to guys who don't want anything to do with all that. If you're an investment banker or a hedge-fund manager, the last thing you need is to be in Page Six." -- Courtney Love. From "Courtney Love Brings Anarchy to Hollywood"

"Decadence is peaking. Everyone is slowly awakening. Even me. I think we're moving into a period where spirituality is going to be much more prevalent than fucking cash flow. I don't give a fuck about anything in excess. I just want  to make art and help people." -- Brooke Candy. From "Welcome to the Feral, Freaky World of Brooke Candy"

"I object to people who are rich in politics. I don't think they should be allowed to be in politics. It is bad that rich people are in politics, it is bad for everybody but rich people, and rich people don't need any more help. Whenever people say, 'Oh he earned his money himself,' I always say the same thing: 'No one earns a billion dollars. People earn $10 an hour, people steal a billion dollars.'" -- Fran Lebowitz. From "Fran Lebowitz to Tourists: Stay Home"

"I'm not a control freak, but I prefer being in control. Whenever I've given in to a makeup person or photographer taking my portrait, thinking that I'll just let them do their thing without adding my two cents... I've regretted it big time." -- Cindy Sherman. From "Cindy Sherman: Every Woman"

"When I left school at 16 to start my first venture, Student magazine, my headmaster said I'd either become a millionaire or go to jail. I did both." -- Richard Branson. From "Richard Branson; The Ethical Tycoon"

"Success is having opportunities to show and do work, and I'm happy that those keep unfolding for me. And, of course, that means having some kind of audience. I remember always being amazed at seeing young teenagers at [Sonic Youth] shows and thinking, 'How does that happen?'" -- Kim Gordon. From "Kim Gordon: The Queen of Noise"

"The biggest success in my career so far is staying engaged in my work. I'm a powerful witch, we all are, and depending on how I choose to see a situation that's the experience I will have. It's outrageous what I've been able to do; doing drag in a male-dominant culture and becoming the world's most famous drag queen." -- RuPaul. From "RuPaul: Work Force."

"I know that my personal victories come from facing the fear of being left out, of not being loved. The way that I face it is to express the smallest and most breakable parts of myself, to treat those parts as precious and let my audience hold those parts in their own hands for just a moment." --Jenny Slate. From "Jenny Slate: Obviously"

"Never having to be around assholes." -- John Waters, on his definition of "success." From "John Waters: Trash Talker"

"You'll sleep when you're dead!" -- Riccardo Tisci. From "Riccardo Tisci's Teeming Inner World"

"Music has never been lucrative to me. I think my image is more popular than my album sales. The stage is where I shine and pay my bills. But art is art to me. There's nothing new about cross-pollination in art to me because it's all one thing: an expression of who I am." -- Erykah Badu. From "Erykah Badu is Fashion's Most Important Nonconformist"

"I feel like when people say, 'Oh, New York, it's such a tough town, you can't make it,' you have to work for it! Because everybody is working for what they want to do. Everybody is here chasing dreams. So if you're not trying to make it happen, you're not going to make it here." -- Ladyfag. From "Ladyfag: The Woman Saving New York Nightlife"

"I've talked about having hair transplants, I've talked about my drug problems, I've talked about my drinking problems, I've talked about sex. I just think it's so much better to sort of be honest about those things. I always find it very dubious and I don't really trust people who deny human instincts."  -- Marc Jacobs. From "Marc Jacobs on Louis Vuitton, Porn Stars and Grindr"

"It's my second-favorite thing that we do -- except, well, you know, obviously..." -- Natalia Kills, on composing with husband Willy Moon. From "How Natalia Kills is Seducing the World"

"There's nothing we can do that's not documented, so why not look your best, and amazing?" -- Kim Kardashian on dressing for the paparazzi. From "No Filter: An Afternoon with Kim Kardashian"

"We have a contest that, once I reach a million followers, Tim and I will make love on webcam. I'm almost there." -- Eric Wareheim. From "Tim and Eric Do High-Fashion Drag"

"If I'm smoking -- which, I'm usually smoking -- my finishing touch is ashes or me just blowing smoke on the picture. Just give it that ambience. Then I just stand back and look at the shit. And I say, 'Some motherfucker is gonna buy this piece of shit.'" -- Snoop Dogg. From "Snoop Dogg is the Jackson Pollock of Our Time"

"For real, my first AOL screen name ever was 'RadBeaver.' This is not a joke. I thought beavers were funny animals and had no idea that it would attract creepers in chat rooms. Once I learned the other meaning of 'beaver' I quickly got off AOL and joined a convent." -- Aubrey Plaza. From "Aubrey Plaza on Prank Calls, Online Rumors and Her First AOL Screen Name"

"This year I have One Direction reimagined as a tumbling act, and Miley Cyrus, not on salvia, on bath salts, doing human contortion acts like the human pretzel, rolling around the stage like a wheel." -- John Waters on his dream Christmas special. From "John Waters on Satanic Nativity Scenes and Spreading Perverted Holiday Cheer in Troubled Times"

"Big asses, generous bottoms, big butts... I prefer the term voluptuous backsides, not only because it's more politically correct, but because it's more evocative, more lyrical. Some say that eroticism and fashion have nothing to do with each other, but I'm not sure I agree. What is certain is that sex will never go out of style." -- Jean Paul Goude. From "Voluptuous Backsides: The Art of Jean-Paul Goude"

"My first order of business is to put a tiny webcam into my father's shower unbeknownst to him... I want people to be able to watch my father shower at all times. Not because it's right, but because people deserve to see anything that they can possibly imagine." -- The Fat Jew. From "The Fat Jew is Running for President of the Internet"

"Because reality doesn't live up to fantasy. Because living in a body is a bitch. Because it's hard to be a spiritual being having a human experience, obvi." -- Twitter phenom @sosadtoday on why people are so sad today. From "Anonymity is Freedom: @sosadtoday on the Internet's Urgent Sadness"

"Facebook isn't really a social network; it's an advertising platform. The customer is really the advertiser, and when your customer is the advertiser, everything you do is either to get more data or to show more ads. If Facebook knows your real name, you're really, really valuable to them." -- Paul Budnitz, cofounder of From "The Sister Network: Drag Stars, Facebook's 'Fake Name' Controversy and the Rise of Ello"

"Certainly there's a dearth of female CEOs. There are more female designers now than there used to be, but there aren't many. It's also true with African Americans and diversity on the runway. How many black designers are there? Two? That's crazy."  -- Vanessa Friedman. From "Vanessa Friedman on Bad Reviews, John Galliano and Fashion's Diversity Problem"

"I spent nine months in my mom's womb. The Wi-Fi was terrible." -- Tyler Oakley, on his longest stint offline. From "Internet Sensation Tyler Oakley Has Some Strong Opinions on Holiday Snacks"

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